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Toyota Service Coupons in Dallas


Toyota Service Coupons

Is your Toyota ready to close out the summer with one more road trip? If you think it could use a little attention, we're here to help at Orr Toyota! Right now, we're offering a number of different service coupons you can take advantage of to get your car ready for whatever adventures the rest of the summer brings! Here are the service specials you can take advantage of now:  

Oil Change and More  

Right now, we're running a special that includes an oil change, battery check, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection. If you use conventional oil in your car, this service will only cost you $39.95 with a valid coupon.  

Summer Travel Inspection  

With a valid summer travel inspection coupon, you'll get a free multi-point inspection, free visual inspection of your brakes, a complimentary under chassis inspection, and complimentary fluid check and refill. Plus, if we detect that there's something wrong with your car, we'll throw in a 15% discount off whatever service you need.  

4-Wheel Alignment  

Get your tires checked and get a wheel alignment for just $75.95! There's no need to wear down your tires and waste gas unnecessarily because your wheels aren't aligned!  

A/C Check  

August is going to be the hottest month of the year! You can make sure you stay cool in your car with our A/C check coupon. With it, you'll be able to get a comprehensive A/C inspection for just $29.95.  

Mature Toyota Service  

Got a car that has over 60,000 miles on it? Orr Toyota wants to help you put another 600,000 miles on it! With our Mature Toyota Service coupon, you get 15% off on any repairs.  

All of these service specials are valid until the end of this month. We'll be offering some other awesome service specials next month too! Be sure to check out our service specials page and get in touch with us at Orr Toyota to schedule your service! 


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Get Ready for the 2015 Toyota Sienna in Dallas!


2015 Toyota Sienna

Orr Toyota is here with the latest Toyota news, and we're happy to report that Toyota has released some details about the 2015 Toyota Sienna! Toyota released information about the new Toyota minivan today and posted a few YouTube videos to promote the vehicle.  

The new Sienna videos, produced by top parents in the social media realm, are pretty fun to watch. One features a Sienna in space, and another features a man speaking with and dancing for his Sienna. The new Sienna is trending now among parents across the web. To see what parents are saying, just search for "#SwaggerWagon."  

In terms of updates and new features, Toyota has announced that the new Sienna will come with an updated, more sophisticated looking interior, an optional 4.2-inch, color multi-information display to compliment the vehicle's 7-inch Entune audio display, and optional LED daytime running lights. The minivan will also be equipped with a speaker/microphone system that will amplify the driver's voice when activated. This feature gives parents the ability to easily communicate with kids in the back of the minivan. Plus, the 2015 Sienna will also offer a Blu-ray-compatible rear entertainment system.  

Reps at Toyota say the new Sienna will hit showroom floors later this year. If you want to be the first to know when the 2015 Sienna arrives to Dallas, get in touch with us at Orr Toyota. And if you're looking for some new wheels now, we invite you to browse our new inventory online!


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2014 Accord vs. 2014.5 Camry in Dallas


Earlier this year, Toyota decided to upgrade their 2014 Camry and add in a few key features. Specifically, Toyota added in a standard backup camera as well as an updated Entune entertainment system to select trim models. Toyota dubbed these new vehicles with these additional features 2014.5 Camrys. Since its release, the 2014.5 Camry has been a force to reckon with in the mid-size car segment. If you're wondering how it compares with rivals like the 2014 Honda Accord, here's what Orr Toyota in Dallas thinks you should know about its advantages as well as the Accord's advantages:

2014.5 Camry: Major Advantages

2014.5 Toyota Camry

  • The new Camry outperformed its Honda competitor in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration front and side impact crash tests.

  • The Camry's SE and XLE trim levels offer an optional cross-path warning system, which helps drivers stay aware of cars approaching from the side.

  • The new Toyota's 582-amp battery is more powerful and reliable than the new Accord's 550-amp battery.

  • With standard automatic transmission, driving the Camry is easy. Unfortunately, automatic costs Accord owners extra.

  • With larger front brake rotors than the Accord, the Camry easily outperforms its rival in Car and Driver and Consumer Reports brake tests.

  • The new Camry's turning circle is 1.4 feet tighter than the Accord's.

  • With standard folding rear sits that are split, loading cargo in the Toyota Camry is easier than doing so in the Honda Accord, which does not come with split rear seats.

  • According to Intellichoice, the 2014.5 Camry costs between $761 and $8569 less than the Honda Accord to operate in terms of repair costs and maintenance.

2014 Accord: Major Advantages  

2014 Honda Accord

  • Both the 2014 Accord's 4-cylinder engine, which produces 185 hp, as well as its V6 engine, which produces 278 hp, are slightly more powerful than the Camry's comparable engine options, which produce 178 hp and 268 hp.

  • The new Accord has a larger trunk than the new Camry (15.8 cubic feet vs. 15.4 cubic feet).

  • Active noise cancellation sometimes makes the interior of the Accord quieter than the Camry, which doesn't come with active noise cancellation.

  • With an engine control system that can shut down half of its cylinders, the Accord with the V6 engine option can save some fuel at cruising speeds.

If we were to pick a winner of these two top dog mid-size cars, we'd definitely pick the 2014.5 Camry. If you're interested, we hope you'll check out our available Camry models online and schedule a test drive with us at Orr Toyota!


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2014 Nissan Armada vs. 2014 Toyota Sequoia in Dallas


Need a rugged, fierce SUV that can handle anything the road throws at it? Both the 2014 Nissan Armada and the 2014 Toyota Sequoia are worthy of your consideration. Only one of these SUVs comes out on top in the race between the two, however. Keith Orr Toyota in Dallas is here with an outline of their advantages to help you pick your favorite of the two. Here's what you should know:

The Sequoia's Advantages  

  • Daytime running lights and an available blind spot warning system to improve safety

  • Complimentary scheduled maintenance for 25,000 miles or 2 years (whichever occurs first)

  • A 180-amp alternator (vs. the Armada's 130-amp alternator, which may be less reliable and efficient)

  • A 710-amp battery (vs. the Armada's 650-amp battery)

  • 93% better reliability, according to Consumer Reports

  • A V8 engine that produces 381 horsepower and 401 lbs.-ft. of torque, as opposed to the Armada's V8 powertrain, which only produces 317 horsepower and 385 lbs.-ft. of torque

  • Six-speed automatic transmission, while the Armada only offers 5-speed automatic transmission

  • Larger tires for enhanced traction

  • A turning circle that's 2.7 feet tighter

  • Up to 120.1 cubic feet of cargo volume (vs. the Armada's 97.1 cubic feet)

  • 7100 lbs. of towing capacity, as opposed to the Nissan's 6,500 lbs.

  • Standard air conditioned rear seats

  • Standard headlight washers

 The Armada's Advantages  

  • Active head restraints and optional full time four wheel drive to improve safety

  • A wheelbase that's 1.2 inches longer, which may enhance handling

  • A higher standard payload capacity than the Armada: 1693 vs. 1250 lbs.

  • A maintenance reminder system

  • Lower typical repair costs, according to The Car Book

  • A minimum ground clearance of 10.4 inches, which is a little more than the Sequoia's minimum ground clearance of 10 inches

The 2014 Sequoia definitely leads the pack and outpaces rivals like the 2014 Armada. If you're interested in this new SUV, we hope you'll schedule a test drive at Orr Toyota in Dallas!


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Summer Music Event in Dallas: An Evening With Orr


Evenings With Orr Toyota

Orr Toyota in Dallas is proud to present Evenings with Orr. These live music events are evenings of live Gospel music. We had our first installment last night, June 26 at 7:00 p.m., and we're going to have additional installments every other Thursday until August 21! Last night's show featured special guest Myron Butler. Evenings with Orr are held at Youth World, which is located at 1121 W. Wheatland Rd., Dallas, TX 75232. Each installment will feature different top musicians. 

Evenings with Orr only cost $5 for admission at the door, and all proceeds benefit Youth World, a local nonprofit that hosts community enrichment programs for kids to help them succeed academically and socially. The proceeds specifically will go towards helping Youth World purchase a new gymnasium floor for their athletic programs. 

Myron Butler is a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter/organist/pianist, and we were very happy to spend the evening with him! He's best-known as the lead singer in Myron Bulter & Levi, a multi-award-winning gospel act. Mr. Butler has also acted as a vocal director and backup singer for the likes of Kirk Franklin, Smoke Norful, and Yolanda Adams.

Our Evenings with Orr are just another way we hope to give back to the community that supports us! We hope you'll join us the next time we have one of these events to kick back, relax, and enjoy some great gospel music. Please feel free to get in contact with us if you'd like any additional information about these events. 

And we also hope that, if you're looking for a new car, you'll consider visiting us at Orr Toyota! We encourage you to browse our new inventory now to get an idea of what we have to offer!


Here are some pictures from Evenings With Orr So Far:

042 resized 600

034 resized 600

001 resized 600

Evenings With Orr have featured Cedic Devine, Jeff Aycott, Ms. Dawn Miller, Ms. Cat Garner, and other awesome musicians!

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Toyota News in Dallas: New Hybrid Technology


Toyota Hybrid Technology

Orr Toyota in Dallas is here with the latest Toyota news! We're excited to report that Toyota is staying ahead of the curve in terms of hybrid technology. With the help of the automobile parts manufacturer, Denso Corporation, the automaker has developed a semiconductor for its hybrid vehicles that will boost their fuel efficiency by around 10%, according to the results of their testing.

This innovative semiconductor is made of silicon and a carbon compound that controls the flow of electrical currents and ultimately helps reduce the amount of energy a hybrid vehicle uses. This technology also allows for a smaller and more efficient powertrain, which, in turn, allows for a more compact and fuel efficient vehicle overall.

Most hybrid cars currently use power semiconductors that are made of silicon, instead of a combination of silicon and carbon. Power semiconductors are larger and heat up more, which causes them to lose an excess amount of energy in comparison to the semiconductors Toyota and Denso Corporation recently developed.

Toyota reps announced that the new hybrid technology, which allows for more versatility thanks to its diminutive size, will allow the automaker to expand its hybrid car collection. It also has the potential to strengthen Toyota's position as a hybrid vehicle technology leader.

At Orr Toyota, we're definitely waiting with bated breath for the next generation of Toyota hybrids equipped with these new semiconductors. We'll keep you in the loop with more news about innovations from Toyota! And we hope you'll keep us in the loop if you're looking for a new car and try out our trade-in calculator! 



5 Important Facts About the 2014 Highlander in Dallas


2014 Toyota Highlander

Need an SUV the whole family will love that's also great for all your grownup adventures on and off the road? Consider the 2014 Toyota Highlander! Here's what Orr Toyota in Dallas thinks you should know about this new vehicle:  

1. Its body is completely redesigned with things like a larger, bolder grille, rounder curves, and roof rails that improve the vehicle's aerodynamics. Overall, the 2014 Highlander looks a little younger and hipper than previous models while retaining the classiness you'd expect.  

2. This SUV seats up to 8 people (unless you opt for second row captains' chairs). Many competitors only offer seating for up to 7 people. Plus, you can even recline the seats in the Highlander's second and third rows, something you can't do in many SUVs.  

3. With Bluetooth connectivity, an Entune suite of apps (which includes Bing, Pandora, Facebook, and Yelp), as well as a standard backup camera, the 2014 Highlander easily matches your high-tech lifestyle.  

4. In addition to a powerful engine, the 2014 Highlander boasts performance perks like available dynamic torque-control all-wheel drive and up to 5,000 lbs. of towing capacity. Traveling off road and hauling heavy loads wherever you need to go has never been easier!  

5. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the 2014 Toyota Highlander (with available pre-collision warning system) a Top Pick Plus, which means it aced all of the institute's crash tests. It's no wonder it fared so well in safety measures with features like ventilated disc brakes, a tire pressure monitoring system, and 8 airbags for comprehensive occupant protection.  

If you're ready to give the 2014 Toyota Highlander a try, just drop us a line at Orr Toyota and schedule a test drive!


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2015 Camry in Dallas


2015 Toyota Camry resized 600

The great minds at Toyota are hard at work on the 2015 Toyota Camry, which will be a completely redesigned version of their flagship midsize car. Toyota has already released some key details about the new Camry and debuted its new design at the New York Auto Show. Keith Orr Toyota in Dallas is excited to give you the scoop! Here's a list of some the awesome new additions that will come with the 2015 Camry: 

  • Two extra inches of length and a track that's half of an inch wider to enhance handling

  • An updated electric power steering system that improves the precision of steering

  • Sturdier interior materials including thicker carpets for better insulation

  • A larger center console that features larger buttons and audio controls as well as a new four-inch data display to complement the vehicle's primary audio display touchscreen

  • Bolder curves and creases and a larger, more eye-catching front grille that's similar to the 2014 Corolla's grille

  • Hood lines that give the car a sportier look and make it more stylistically striking

  • A chassis that's stiffer in structure to improve the Camry's overall responsiveness

  • An updated braking system with a two-stage booster that's expected to help the new Toyota stop shorter from high speeds

  • Much, much more!

Keith Orr Toyota expects the 2015 Toyota Camry to arrive at our Dallas dealership sometime this fall! We'll let you know as we learn more about the redesigned Camry! While you wait for the details, try out our trade-in calculator to get an estimate of your current vehicle's value!



2014 Mazda 2 vs. 2014 Toyota Yaris in Dallas


Looking for a subcompact car to perfectly complement your fast-paced, eco-friendly life? The 2014 Toyota Yaris and 2014 Mazda 2 have probably both caught your eye, and for good reason. They're definitely both stars in their class. You might be wondering, though, which of these all-stars offers more on the road. Luckily, Keith Orr Toyota in Dallas is here with an outline of their advantages and the scoop on how they compare: 

New Toyota Yaris Advantages  

2014 Toyota Yaris

  • The 2014 Yaris comes with whiplash-injury-lessening seats, which decrease the chance of spinal injury in the event of an accident. The Mazda 2 doesn't offer this added protection.

  • The new Yaris boasts daytime running lights, which makes the car less conspicuous and less likely to get hit on the road. The 2014 Mazda 2 doesn't offer this important safety feature.

  • The Yaris' 4-cylinder engine is mighty for such a small car, and it produces 6 more horsepower (106 vs. 100) and 5 more lbs.-ft. of torque (103 vs. 98) than its Mazda competitor.

  • All Yaris owners get free scheduled maintenance from Toyota for 2 years or 25,000 miles. Other auto manufacturers, like Mazda, don't offer complimentary scheduled maintenance.

  • The Yaris is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the subcompact class. It gets an estimated 37 mpg on the highway and 30 mpg on the city. The Mazda 2 lags behind, only offering an estimated 35 mpg on the highway and 29 mpg in the city. (2014 EPA-estimated mileage. Actual mileage will vary).

  • The new Toyota subcompact offers an ultra-tight turning radius of 30.8 feet. The new Mazda subcompact's turning radius is 32.2 feet.

  • The 2014 Toyota Yaris is wired for entertainment and convenience with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth costs extra on the 2014 Mazda 2.

New Mazda 2 Advantages  

2014 Mazda 2

  • For more effective maneuvering in parking lots, the Mazda 2 comes with variable assisted steering. Without this feature, the new Yaris can feel a little bit less adept in parking lots.

  • The 2014 Mazda 2 offers height-adjustable front seat belts and child safety locks, two protective features that the Yaris doesn't offer.

  • With power windows, the Mazda 2 saves occupants a little time when they roll down the car's windows. Rolling down the Yaris' windows requires a little more effort.

  • The Mazda 2's power adjustable exterior mirrors are also a convenient feature that the Yaris doesn't offer.

As you can tell, the 2014 Mazda 2, although a top contender in its class, just can't keep up with the 2014 Yaris. If you need some firsthand evidence to convince you, why not stop by Keith Orr Toyota for a test drive?

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Spring Service Tips and Car Service Special in Dallas


Toyota Service
Keith Orr Toyota in Dallas thinks spring is the perfect time to get your car checked by car maintenance professionals. Why? The summer heat can be harsh on your car. Identifying potential issues in the spring can help you minimize the risk of your car breaking down in the summer. Of course, getting your car serviced isn't always completely necessary. However, we do recommend you keep your eyes and ears open for these potential warning signs and take your car into our service center if you detect any of them:  

  • Your car's a/c isn't cooling your car down as effectively as it used to, or your car is making strange noises when you turn your a/c on. If something seems wrong with your car's a/c, now's the time to get it fixed!

  • Your car hesitates to start up or makes noises when you start up the engine, or you notice that your radio turns on and off randomly. These could be signs of a weak battery, which is something that's both easy and inexpensive to fix.

  • Your check engine light or other service reminder light is on. This may seem obvious, but many car owners ignore warning lights, which can cause them more trouble and cost them more money in the long run.

  • Your brakes are squealing, squeaking, or grinding. Strange noises when your car is braking are almost always signs of brake issues.

  • Your car's vibrating. This could be an indication that your car's wheels need to be aligned or that you need new tires.

If any of these warning signs sound familiar, we hope you'll visit us at the Keith Orr Toyota service center to see how we can help. And, if your car does need some work, you can save at our service center with a valid Wild Card Special coupon until 5/15/2014. With our Wild Card Special coupon, you can:  

  • Spend $50-$99.99 and save $10

  • Spend $100-$199.99 and save $20

  • Spend $200-$299.99 and save $30

  • Spend $300-$399.99 and save $40

  • Spend $400+ and save $50

We hope you'll take advantage of this special offer from Keith Orr Toyota and visit us soon if you think your car needs a little TLC! Don't forget to print off your Wild Card coupon before you stop by! 


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