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2015 Spark vs. 2015 Yaris in Dallas: 8 Ways the Yaris Excels


Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the carbon footprints of cars, and they're focused on downsizing in a lot of ways to make their urban lifestyles simpler. So, we think 2015's going to be a great year for the subcompact car class, especially considering all of the top subcompact cars on the market. If you're mulling over your small car options, you're probably trying to decide between the 2015 Toyota Yaris, 2015 Chevrolet Spark, and a few others. Orr Toyota in Dallas would like to help out by giving you some information about how the 2015 Yaris beats one of its fiercest competitors, the 2015 Chevrolet Spark. Here are 8 advantages the new Yaris brings to the table:  

1. Whiplash injury-lessening seats help prevent neck and spine injuries in the 2015 Yaris. The 2015 Spark doesn't come with a whiplash protection system.  

2. The new Yaris performed better in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration front crash tests than the new Spark.  

3. The Yaris's powerful 4-cylinder engine produces 106 hp and 103 lbs.-ft. of torque. The Spark's engine is weaker, only producing 84 hp and 83 lbs.-ft. of torque.  

4. Motor Trend determined that the 2015 Yaris with manual transmission accelerates faster than the 2015 Spark with manual transmission. And Consumer Reports determined the 2015 Yaris with automatic transmission accelerates faster than the 2015 Spark with automatic transmission.  

5. The new Yaris has a larger fuel tank than the new Spark (11.1 gallons vs. 9.2 gallons), which means it provides a longer range between fill-ups.  

6. With a front stabilizer bar and variable-assist power steering, the Yaris handles better and more stably in some situations than the Spark, which doesn't have these features.  

7. Bluetooth wireless connectivity is a standard Yaris feature. Only one trim level of the Chevrolet Spark, the Spark LT, offers this essential high-tech spec.  

8. The Yaris is offered as both a 4-door hatchback and a 2-door coupe. The Spark doesn't come in a coupe body style.  

Ready to take a 2015 Toyota Yaris for a test spin? Let us know at Orr Toyota


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Toyota Lineup in Dallas: Recent Accolades


Toyota accolades

Orr Toyota in Dallas is proud to announce that Toyota models fared quite well in this year's Consumer Reports reliability rankings. In fact, Consumer Reports named Toyota #2 of all brands in terms of reliability this year. The #1 reliability spot went to Lexus, Toyota's luxury brand. This is the eighth consecutive year that Toyota vehicles have received top ratings.

Consumer Reports reliability rankings are based on survey responses from U.S. car owners. Car owners rate their vehicles based on how many issues they've had with them and how reliable they've found them to be overall. The majority of the Toyota lineup was rated highly by consumers. Some of the models that received the highest ratings included: the Avalon, Avalon Hybrid, Camry, Toyota Highlander, Toyota Prius, Toyota Sienna, and Toyota Venza.

Overall, it's been a great week for Toyota. In addition to being recognized for being so reliable by Consumer Reports, the automaker also announced that, based on their current sales numbers for 2014, they're most likely going to be the world's bestselling car manufacturer this year! 

Earlier this year, Kelley Blue Book recognized Toyota as the brand with the Best Resale Value. And IHS Automotive determined that 80% of Toyotas sold in the last 20 years are still on the road today.

All of Toyota's success over the past year is good news for you if you're looking for a new vehicle that's reliable and will retain its value. A Toyota is probably just what you're searching for! We hope you'll check out our available models at Orr Toyota


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2015 Mid-Size Cars in Dallas: 8 Ways the Camry Outdoes the Altima


In our previous article on the 2015 Camry, we outlined some of the awesome things the new Toyota offers. Now, we'd like to compare the new Camry to one of its top 2015 competitors: the 2015 Nissan Altima. In case you're wondering about how the two stack up against each other, here's are eight Camry advantages Orr Toyota in Dallas thinks you should know about:

1. The 2015 Camry has standard daytime running lights and available Safety Connect, which allows for quick connection to emergency personnel in the event of a collision. The 2015 Altima doesn't have these essential protective features.

2. Toyota pays for scheduled maintenance for Camry owners for 2 years (or 25,000 miles). Nissan doesn't pay for scheduled maintenance during any time period of ownership.

3. The Altima only offers a 4-cylinder engine option that produces 182 hp. The Camry offers a more powerful V6 engine option that produces 268 hp, in addition to its 4-cylinder option.

4. 2015 Toyota Camry models with 4-cylinder engines accelerate faster than 2015 Altima models, according to Motor Trend.

5. The Camry's brakes proved to be more responsive than the Altima's in Car and Driver, Consumer Reports, and Motor Trend brake tests. 

6. Standard front and rear gas-charged shocks make the Camry handle better on choppy and uneven roads. The Altima's shocks are not gas-charged.

7. The 2015 Camry's battery is maintenance-free and 582 amps. The 2015 Altima's battery isn't maintenance-free, which means it requires more attention, and it's only 550 amps, which means it's less powerful.

8. The new Camry's standard outside mirrors include heating capabilities to quickly defog them. Without this extra, Altima drivers have to manually wipe off their fogged mirrors.

Need some more reasons to consider the 2015 Camry over its rivals? Discover some in person at Orr Toyota! Now's a great time to schedule a test drive! 


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2015 Toyota Camry in Dallas: It's Here!


2015 Toyota Camry in Dallas

A couple of months ago, Orr Toyota reported that the 2015 Toyota Camry was on its way to our dealership in Dallas. Now, we're happy to report that it's arrived! The redesigned Camry is already a hit at our dealership and turning heads in the streets of Dallas. In case you missed our previous article about how the Camry's changed for the 2015 model year, here are a few of its features that you should know about:

  • A larger grille and thinner headlights, which creates a bolder, sportier look

  • A body that's almost 2 inches longer than the 2014 model

  • Available mesh-styled grille for an extra athletic aesthetic

  • Six-speed automatic transmission

  • Redesigned interior with sturdier materials and attractive leather/suede accents

  • Standard Bluetooth wireless connectivity

  • Steering wheel-mounted media controls

  • A power-adjustable driver's seat (with eight different settings)

  • An available navigation system

  • An available 4.2-inch display or a 7-inch touchscreen display

  • A new XSE trim level with 18-inch alloy wheels and gorgeous LED headlights

  • An available lane departure warning system

  • Either a 178-horsepower, 4-cylinder engine or a 268-horsepower, V6 engine

  • Outside mirrors with heating elements

  • Available heated front seats

  • A standard backup camera

  • Entune Audio suite

  • And more!

Now that you know more about what the 2015 Toyota Camry brings to the table, have we piqued your interest? If so, schedule a test drive in a new Camry at Orr Toyota


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11 Ways the 2014 Tacoma in Dallas Beats the 2014 Frontier


Looking for a new pickup that's as reliable and safe as it is fierce? Both the 2014 Toyota Tacoma and 2014 Nissan Frontier could be good matches for your needs. However, at Orr Toyota, we think only the Toyota Tacoma truly shines as a marvel in its class. Here are 11 ways the new Tacoma beats the new Frontier:  

1. Car and Driver tests determined the new Toyota Tacoma is faster than the new Nissan Frontier.  

2. Car and Driver and Consumer Reports tests also determined that the Tacoma stops shorter from high speeds than its Nissan competitor, which means its brakes are generally more responsive. The Tacoma is likely able to stop shorter than the Frontier because its brake rotors are larger.  

3. Front and rear gas-charged shocks as well as front and rear stabilizer bars enhance handling capabilities n the 2014 Tacoma. Without these specs, the Frontier's handling capabilities are compromised.  

4. The Tacoma's short bed, which is 34.8 cubic feet, and its long bed, which is 42.6 cubic feet, are much longer than the Frontier's. The Frontier's short bed is only 27.1 cubic feet, and its long bed is only 33.5 cubic feet.  

5. The Tacoma's available trim levels all offer standard payload capacities that are higher than the Frontier's. The Tacoma Crew Cab 4x4, the most versatile of the Tacoma trims, has a payload capacity of 1,305 lbs. The Frontier's comparable trim level only offers a payload capacity of 1,251 lbs.  

6. Toyota pays for scheduled maintenance for the Tacoma for 2 years or 25,000 miles. Nissan doesn't offer free scheduled maintenance for its vehicles.  

7. The new Tacoma's 710-amp battery can handle larger electrical loads than the new Frontier's 550-amp battery.  

8. Daytime running lights keep Tacoma occupants safer. The Frontier doesn't offer daytime running lights.  

9. The Tacoma has a greater maximum ground clearance than the Frontier: 9.1 inches vs. 8.9 inches. This makes it more ideal for off-roading.  

10. Bluetooth wireless connectivity is standard with the Tacoma. Frontier owners have to pay extra for this feature.  

11. The 2014 Tacoma outperformed the 2014 Frontier in National Highway Traffic Safety Administration front crash tests and rollover measures.  

Think you might prefer the 2014 Toyota Tacoma to the 2014 Nissan Frontier? Schedule a test drive at Orr Toyota


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Pre-Owned Vehicles in Dallas: Fall Picks


At Orr Toyota, we pride ourselves on consistently offering a high quality selection of pre-owned vehicles. Right now, we think our used car selection is particularly phenomenal. So, we thought we'd highlight some of our favorite pre-owned vehicles for those of you who are looking for the right used car. We hope you'll consider these top picks:

2011 Chevrolet Impala LS

2011 Chevrolet Impala LS

This Chevy Impala offers V6 power, a striking blue exterior, steering wheel-mounted media controls, an anti-lock braking system, a super spacious interior, and much more! This is one of the many vehicles we have at Orr Toyota right now that are priced under $10,000. We'll hand over the keys to this top mid-size car for just $9,950!

2005 Toyota Matrix XR

2005 Toyota Matrix CR

This Toyota Matrix is another all-star from our collection of vehicles priced under $10,000. It's the perfect, spacious wagon for all of your daily travels and long-distance adventures. It boasts incredible fuel economy ratings, top safety scores, plenty of room for passengers, and important safety specs like daytime running lights, ventilated drum brakes, and rear child safety locks. This Matrix is yours for just $8,995.

2010 Toyota Camry LE 

2010 Toyota Camry LE

Want a mid-size car that takes luxury, convenience, and performance to a whole new level? This 2010 Toyota Camry might be right up your alley! Things like vehicle stability assist, a traction control system, electronic brake distribution, emergency brake assist, power outlets, and daytime running lights distinguish this vehicle. It's a steal at $14,995! 

2013 Toyota 4Runner SR5 

2013 Toyota 4Runner

One of our newer used cars, this 2013 Toyota 4Runner SR5 is nothing short of amazing with power seats, antilock brakes, a HomeLink system, alloy wheels, a multi-information display, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and more! Plus, it only comes with 5,607 miles and a price tag of $28,950.

These exceptional vehicles won't stick around Orr Toyota for long. So, we hope you'll schedule a test drive in one of them soon if you're interested! 


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Toyota News: Toyota Fuel Cell Car in Dallas


Toyota Fuel Cell vehicle

When the Prius hit the market in 1997, Toyota positioned itself as the most forward-thinking automaker in terms of eco-friendly car technology. Over the years, other automakers have tried their hand at releasing hybrid and electric vehicles, but Toyota has remained at the top, producing some of the most popular environmentally-friendly cars on the road. And Orr Toyota in Dallas is proud to announce that Toyota is continuing to stay ahead of the curve by developing a revolutionary fuel cell vehicle.

Toyota revealed its fuel cell concept over the summer and has now announced that they plan to release the vehicle in Japan next March and in North America next summer! This vehicle will be revolutionary because it will be the first of its kind offered on a wide scale to the consumer market.

Fuel cell vehicles run on a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, and they produce absolutely no carbon emissions and don't require any electricity to run. The only byproduct of fuel cell cars is water. This makes them, without a doubt, the best cars for the environment. 

Although there aren't too many hydrogen fueling stations just yet, and Toyota's fuel cell car is expected to be fairly high on the price scale, sources speculate that Toyota will work on bringing the price of the latest eco-friendly addition to its lineup down as their technology gets more sophisticated. It's also expected that, as hydrogen fuel cell vehicles catch on, more fueling stations will start popping up.

Are you excited about Toyota's eco-friendly innovations? If you're looking for a car that does the environment a favor and saves you on fuel costs, check out some of your options at Orr Toyota!


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DFW SUVs: 7 Reasons the 2014 Land Cruiser Trumps the 2014 Tahoe


At Orr Toyota, we think the 2014 Chevy Tahoe doesn't have anything on the 2014 Land Cruiser. If you're comparing the two DFW SUVs, we think you should consider these seven reasons the Land Cruiser trumps the Tahoe:

1. Safety features are nothing short of amazing in the new Land Cruiser. Active headrests to prevent whiplash injury, a standard pre-collision warning system that warns drivers of impending danger, and a multi-terrain monitor that provides 360-views of the vehicle's surroundings are just some of what distinguishes the Land Cruiser. The 2014 Tahoe doesn't offer these features.

2. All-wheel drive is standard in Land Cruiser models. This important off-roading feature costs extra for Tahoe owners.

3. The Toyota Land Cruiser's V8 engine produces 61 more horsepower and 66 lbs.-ft. more torque than the Tahoe's V8 engine.

4. Motor Trend determined that the new Land Cruiser is significantly faster than the new Chevrolet Tahoe. Specifically, it has the ability to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds, while the Tahoe only has the ability to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in 8.3 seconds.

5. Car and Driver, Motor Trend, and Consumer Reports all determined that the Land Cruiser stops shorter from high speeds than the Tahoe. This is due, in part, to the Land Cruiser's larger front brake rotors.

6. The Land Cruiser has larger tires and larger wheels than the Tahoe, which dramatically improves its handling. 

7. The Land Cruiser's towing capacity of 8,200 lbs. far exceeds the Tahoe's towing capacity of 5,200 lbs. This means you won't have to worry as much about the weight of what you're towing in the Toyota SUV.

These are just a few of the major reasons the 2014 Land Cruiser outshines the 2014 Tahoe. If we've piqued your interest about the Land Cruiser, we invite you to schedule a test drive at Orr Toyota


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2015 Toyota Camry Release


2015 Toyota Camry Dallas

Orr Toyota would like to announce that the wait for the new Camry is almost over! According to Edmunds, the new Toyota will start arriving at dealerships in just 30 days! Toyota plans to market the new Camry to current Camry owners who might be looking to upgrade their vehicle as well as other car buyers who are looking for an exceptional mid-size vehicle.  

Over 10 million Camry models have been sold since the car debuted in North America in 1983. Toyota hopes to continue the steady growth of Camry sales each year by updating the car's performance, safety, and ergonomic features regularly. In case you missed our previous post on the 2015 Camry, this new Toyota will include the following updates:  

  • A longer body

  • A fine-tuned electric power steering system

  • Updated, sophisticated exterior and interior styling

  • Sturdier interior materials

  • A stiffer chassis for enhanced handling

  • A new braking system with a two-stage booster

The 2015 Camry will also likely come with a few updates that are surprises to further distinguish the vehicle as a top competitor in its class. Toyota hasn't released any pricing information yet, and specific details about trim levels are forthcoming. We'll keep you in the loop as we hear more about this awesome new addition to the Toyota lineup!  

As you wait for the scoop on the 2015 Camry, we encourage you to browse the Orr Toyota inventory to see if any of the other new Toyotas at our dealership would be a good fit for your needs! 


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New DFW Toyota Service Specials


service specials orr toyota

Want to close out the summer on a good note with a tune up for your Toyota? Orr Toyota is here to help you save with some more service specials for the month of August! Our service center is currently running a number of specials that will do you, your car, and your pocketbook a favor. Here are a few examples of specials we're currently running that we hope will help save you some of your hard-earned cash:

DFW Construction Special 

Until 8/31/2014, you can get your wheels aligned and take advantage of our tire and balance service for just $127.95. If you want to improve your car's handling capabilities and fuel efficiency as well as prevent unnecessary wearing of your tires, this is the special for you!

Help Fill a Tundra Special

We're filling a Tundra up with donated school supplies to help underserved kids start the school year off with the supplies they need for success! If you donate a school supply to our Help Fill a Tundra Drive, you'll get $10 off any service at our service center! This offer is valid until 8/31/2014.

Maintenance Service and Battery Check Special

This special includes an oil change with conventional oil for $39.95 or synthetic oil for $54.95 plus a free battery check, free tire rotation, and free multi-point inspection. Get your car in tip-top shape with this special before it ends on 8/31/2014!

Schedule an Appointment Special

We're trying to improve how quickly and efficiently we serve our customers. One way you can help us do this is by scheduling a service appointment with us. If you do so either online or over the phone and present the applicable coupon, you'll save $10 on your service! This offer is valid until the end of August.

Ready to save with these specials from Orr Toyota? Print off your coupons! 


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